About Us

Sanjali Trading FZ LLC is a company that creates, promotes and sells alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages as well as food products.

It is a company based in UAE which was established in 2019 and has developed
several brands of drinks and juices.

Sanjali Trading FZ LLC has a deep knowledge of international markets and strong logistics setup. This has allowed us to reach and sell more than 300 containers per year. Our sales team, located in UAE travels throughout the year to different countries to visit our importers, look for new opportunities, attend trade fairs and especially evaluate and understand the markets where our products are sold.

We are currently focusing on the African continent. 


1st of all, Africa is a continent of 54 Sovereign States

Possesses 17% of the world's population (1.3 billion people)

  • 9.6% of the Global Oil Output 
  • 90% of the World Platinum supply 
  • 90% of the World Cobalt Supply 
  • 50% of the World Gold Supply
  • 66% of the World Manganese 35% of the World Uranium
  • 75% of the World Coltan 

In short, Africa has resources and has the capacity to become the next big economical and financial giant of the world.

"We have found success by offering the best quality products at a competitive price, marketing support for our brands, and a team full of experienced and trained people"


Planning to develop more brands in the near future and open new branches in other countries


Launched Voogle Energy Mix


Launched Power+ Energy Drink